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Newgate is a modern British fashion and lifestyle brand loved by creatives the world over.

Jim and Chloe - Our Story - Newgate World

At Newgate we're passionate about great design. We've been creating iconic yet affordable timepieces in our British design studio for the past 30 years, and in that time we like to think we've done our bit to revolutionise the clock industry.

We've designed innovative wall, alarm and mantel clocks, turning previously functional timepieces into must-have design objects, revitalised forgotten icons using modern production techniques to re-engineer old classics, and introduced a jolt of creativity to the watch industry by way of our game-changing G6 chronograph watch

Fuelled by the passion and energy of husband and wife founders Jim & Chloe Read, Newgate's fundamental creativity is interwoven with years of technical experience, intelligent product construction and carefully considered material choices.

Welcome to Newgate World. 

Jim Read - Our Story - Newgate World


Jim, the 'dreamer', an artist, graphic and product designer expelled from art college, founded Newgate alongside future wife Chloe, the 'sorter' and business school dropout, when they were just teenagers. Beginning making clocks by hand in the spare room of their first shared flat, their continued dedication to British design has built a loyal worldwide customer base they could only have dreamt of in those early days.


OUR STORY - Chloe Read, co-founder of Newgate


"It all started when we were just teenagers and were set up on a blind date. Jim had just dropped out of art school, and shortly after I dropped out of business college. We instantly hit it off. Both of us had antique-dealer parents, and from their example we knew we wanted to find a way to make money whilst working for ourselves.
Jim was brimming with ideas. The original plan was to frame Jim's paintings and sell them. He sold his beloved blue Mini Moke car and we bought picture framing machine from Manchester. An experiment in adding more value to the frames with clock movements, and encouragement from Jim's brother, led to our first show at Alexandra Palace.
We were teenagers flogging clocks! But as fate would have it, people genuinely loved them. They were different and stylish and at that very first show Harrods became one of our stockists.
We made those first orders ourselves in the spare room of our flat, which overlooked 'Newgate' the old town gate. Back then we were hand painting frames and using an ancient photocopier to create the clock dials. For a long time we remained very hands on with production, begging and borrowing family members to help out when there were big orders to fulfil.
Although we didn't set out to make clocks, Jim's natural eye for design meant that once fate had put us on that path he was determined to elevate time-keeping devices from functional necessities to objects people actually wanted to hang their walls. We began researching and sourcing innovative materials, and our travels led us to rediscover and reinvent iconic clocks from the past; mid-Century factory wall clocks, and industrial railway clocks from European train stations we'd traveled through; designs which were on the verge of being forgotten because they were so difficult to manufacture."
Chloe Read - Our Story - Newgate World


"Before Newgate, the market for design-led clocks didn't really exist. We created the market as it is today from almost nothing. People often assume Newgate's designs have been around years and years because they are so iconic and familiar, and where we have pioneered many have followed, expanding the market to where it is today.
Jim and I started Newgate together so we could travel the world, and so that Jim could utilise his passion for design and me my passion for business. Our aim was always to create stylish, iconic and affordable designs, inspired by the places we visited and using the best possible materials we could source. These are the values Newgate still stands by today.
It's hard to believe now, thinking back to our old flat, that we've designed and manufactured millions of clocks which now hang on walls all over the world.
Along the way it was hard not to become obsessed with the thing with which our business was so closely entwined; time. The elusive yet omnipotent force in everyone's lives, that connects us all no matter who or where we are. So perhaps it was inevitable that Jim would be drawn to design watches too.
Our watch collections utilise the same core principles of Newgate, creating stylish yet affordable designs from the best quality materials.

We are proud to be a British company, still designing everything in-house in the UK and connecting to a global audience. After 30 years, we still love what we do, and Jim's passion for design means the Newgate brand will never stop creating and innovating. There's a lot more to come!"



Have a sneak peek behind the scenes at Newgate World with Lola...

Behind the Scenes with Lola from Newgate World on Vimeo.