Slow or Stopped Clock?

Essential battery information 
9 times out of 10 it’s the battery!
Most customers use full strength powerful new alkaline batteries and their clocks operate perfectly.
Some customers use batteries from “the back of the kitchen drawer” which for one reason or another often don’t have enough power in them to drive larger clocks properly. But if they are experiencing slowness/stopping this is nearly always what the issue is.
Some customers insist they have tried new batteries when they haven’t. Some people are determined the clock is broken and simply do not believe the strength of a battery matters that much. But it does! 

It is so much easier, and more environmentally friendly to encourage the customer to use a full strength powerful new alkaline battery, rather than refund or replace a fantastic clock just because they don’t fully accept the batteries they are using aren’t good enough. It takes a lot of time and cost to return/exchange a perfect working clock.

Fact – Quartz movements are simple and very reliable.
Fact – Nearly all slow or stopped clocks are caused by underperforming batteries. 
Fact – Batteries in alarm clocks and small wall clocks will last much longer because they use a lot less power.
Fact – Batteries in larger clocks use up batteries more quickly as the larger hands require more power because the hands are heavier to turn.
Fact – Batteries in larger clocks need to be full strength.
Fact – A weak battery may operate a small alarm clock/TV remote control/radio/torch, but may cause a large wall clock to stop or run slowly.
Fact – We carefully test all returned stopped or slow running clocks that are sent back to Newgate. 9 out of 10 work perfectly with a suitable battery. This follows 30 years of experience. 

Newgate provides a trade to trade, business to business service. Our trade pricing structure can only support you as a stockist. We cannot provide a direct to customer service, therefore we cannot collect unwanted, faulty or broken clocks directly from your customers, nor can we send replacement clocks to your customers. We can collect/replace faulty/broken clocks from your place of business.

Historically we supply bricks and mortar stores/stockists whom provide a walk in service to their customers. Customer service issues are also therefore handled on a walk in service basis. On-line stockists may sell Newgate at distance, but are responsible for the assessment and advice of our products, and subsequent returns/replacements that may arise. Newgate are a small British homewares brand, and our pricing structure is based around business to business relationships.